Thursday, September 20, 2012

wearable? not so much

I almost wore my recently finished (or so i'd hoped) alma top today. I got all ready, put it on, looked in the mirror… nope. Not ready to wear out of the house. The fit is just off. I think the bust area fits well. it's a little roomy in the shoulders, but ok. i had already taken the sleeves in significantly. and i lengthened the bodice by 2 inches. but there's too much extra fabric around the middle, especially in the back. and my fabric choice is not helping. it's too stiff, not drapey enough.

so. i can either: 
A. go buy a skinny black belt that looks good with it (i tried the 2 black belts i own, no bueno). 
B. make the belt that's included in the pattern and hope for the best. 
C. rip out the side seam, insert a zip, and then pinch the heck out of the back darts to remove excess fabric.

What do you think?

I'm leaning toward doing B and then possibly C. Any helpful hints about how to make the sizes of the 2 back darts match in length and width? Would you just leave in the back darts that are there and add to them. Or should i rip those out and start fresh?

my instinct says rip them out and do it again. 

but i'm kinda over this top at the minute. so i'm going to start something else first. i finished cutting my sheer burgundy floral fabric last night. It has a much nicer drape, so i'm thinking the fit problems i've had might not be as much of an issue, because i like my sheer tops (layered over cami) to be looser. sheer plus tight, no ma'am. and the sleeves might be ok in the width with this fabric? although i'm hesitant about the length. the pattern doesn't have arm measurements or include finished sleeve length. i think if the sleeves end up too short, then i can just make wider cuffs. oh and i'm not doing the v-shaped notch in the neck of this one. so i'm planning to get started on it tonight.

i hate posting with no photos, so i'll leave you with this gem from the hancock fabrics email today…


  1. I've added a second dart before when something similar happened to a garment I was sewing. I only recently learned that darts should be made after the seams so that you can porportion them to your body. It make such sense. So I am for C) rip the dart out and re-porportion it and possibly D) add a second dart beside the original darts - on both sides, so a second and third dart...

    1. I hadn't thought of adding another set of darts! But I might rip out the first ones anyway, because i think the widest part of the dart needs to be down a little lower on me. I think one of my next projects will need to be: getting some muslin and working on making a bodice block.

  2. That photo is amazing...who makes a denim jacket for their puppy?!

    Sometimes you just need to walk away from a project and view it as a learning experience. It sounds like you're iffy about the fabric, so I probably wouldn't put much more time into it unless you're SUPER determined/invested. Maybe you could find a cheapo black belt at the thrift store or ebay? Anyway, good luck and can't wait to see photos!

    1. I'm just amazed that the dog doesn't look like he hates it

  3. I usually keep the old darts and keep adding lines of stitching until the fit looks right. I would use the presser foot as a guide so that both sides are kept at the same width. For length, I would draw a chalk line from the tip of the point upwards and use it as a stopping point while getting width guidance from the presser foot. Hmm, not sure if that makes sense, but I hope it does!


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