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I've moved all of my links  for free patterns and sewing tips to my new Pinterest boards! 

Check them out here

Have any great links I might be interested in? Let me know! And if you also have any sewing-related Pinterest boards, let me know because i'd love to check them out!

Also you can now follow me on Instagram under "soisewedthis" and if you instagram, please let me know your username so I can admire your beautiful photos and make silly comments =)


  1. I'd like to suggest the Project Peggy Dress which is a free pattern on Craftsy. I went to the designer's blog and suggested she design more and sell them. I can't wait to make this is the link

    1. I need to look around on Craftsy! I've heard of it, but hadn't ever checked it out. That dress reminds me of the Mad Men inspired dress that Julia Bobbin did:
      I think she's doing another Mad Men challenge right now on her blog. Have you made this dress yet?

    2. I making pants right now - hopefully 4 different patterns this month for the Fearless February Challenge - but I will be making this dress soon!


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