Monday, July 1, 2013

what happened to june???

oh my gosh it's july. what happened to june? i just realized my last post was on may 24th! may 24th!!! i felt like it was more recent than that, but blogger just put me in check. shame on me.

so where did june go? well june was consumed by our new dog ella. luckily that's all she consumed - meaning she does not chew on the furniture, shoes, or anything else we might not want her to chew on. she's very well behaved. she knows to do all her business outside. yay!!! how did we luck out on that one? we wouldn't even know where to begin on potty training a dog. this is the first dog that we've owned all on our own. but she is very shy and likes to sleep alot. she is trying to take over our couch. but we're okay with that. we want her to be more like a normal dog. she has some issues because she is a rescued dog, we got her at the local shelter. she was very scared of doorways, she would stand in front of the doorway and shake like crazy, but now she trots through fairly confidently. so she's making strides.

but we did have a huge setback when she had a severe reaction to the heartworm treatment which is a shot of something along the lines of arsenic. so there were emergency trips to the vet and a lot of tears (mine). she was stuck wearing the "cone of shame" for a few weeks. it was rough. 

good news is that she is now doing much better, her fur has grown back in the area where she had the reaction. still no tail wagging, but it will come. she is very sweet and puts up with all of our petting. and i checked out a bunch of books from the library on helping your "shy, nervous, rescue dog" in hopes of channeling cesar millan.

and then last week i got sick. had to take 2 days off work (which is rare for me). didn't even leave the house from thursday morning after i got home from the doctor til this morning, when i drug myself back to work. i had all that time at home, but couldn't get any sewing done!! i felt too crappy. just a very nasty cough/cold/sore throat type thing. i'm taking a bunch of meds and i should be back to good soon.

sadly this will be a pictureless post i think. i did finish my striped dress, if you remember from the last post. it took me sooooooo much longer to finish than it should have. i re-attached the skirt twice in order to get the stripes to line up properly. had a fit in the process. and then reattached the elastic three times. soooo much seam ripping. luckily i really like the end result. and was actually EXCITED to wear it! so i wore it one saturday about a week ago. and got compliments, woohoo! but i didn't get pictures because it has been raining here nonstop! and i really wanted nice outdoor photos. i may just suck it up and take indoor photos. but yay! i actually really like the dress.

so my cousin is having a baby tomorrow, yes tomorrow. they are going to induce because she is a week past her due date. this will be my first nephew! i need to whip up some cute little boy baby gifts. so that will be my next project.

i still can't believe i completely skipped june. oh and june was my one year anniversary of taking up sewing. yay, one year!