Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2013 Sewlution - Mission Accomplished

I was actually on the ball about my 2013 sewlution that i tossed into Karen of the blog Did You Make That?'s jar. She kept everyone's sewlutions ("sewlution" meaning a sewing-related resolution) in a jar to hold everyone accountable that wanted to participate. i'm not a fan of waiting til the last minute before a deadline because i hate that stressful feeling of being rushed, especially when it comes to sewing which is my hobby which means it should be fun and not stressful. but seeing as the deadline would be a whole year away when i made the resolution last january, i had plenty of time.

so i decided to get right to it. my resolution was to make something fully lined because i hadn't done that yet. by april i had it completed! for some reason i made it difficult for myself. i should have picked a pattern that included instructions for a lining, the sewaholic Cambie would've been a good choice, but instead i used a pattern that did not have pattern pieces or instructions for a lining. i just used the main pattern pieces to make my lining and i also drafted a facing. i picked a slinky fabric, which also made it more difficult. i should've just used a cotton for my first fully lined project. but after a little bit of back and forth (maybe a lot) and some google searching for tips about the right way to go about things, i did fairly well. my main hurdle was inserting the invisible zip so that it was sandwiched between the main fabric and the lining. i just had to actually do it in order to wrap my brain around the process.

i posted about the dress here and then more details here. it turned out pretty well! however, i only wore the dress out once. i'm not a huge fan of the color and the smallish print on me. it's just so-so. not exciting. i just don't love it, so something else always wins out when i'm picking what to wear.

the dress on me
the dress
front view, insides
back view, insides

later in the year, i did a second fully lined dress, but with no zipper, so it went together much quicker. this time it was the sewaholic saltspring. details here. this pattern included a lining piece for the bodice and then i just added a lining to the skirt mainly due to the lightness of this fabric. it worked well, and i'm sure i'll make another when spring rolls around.

second fully lined dress

so, yay me! 2013 sewlution complete!! did you complete yours? and now what goal should i make for 2014?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Little Dress Kits' Dungarees in Action!

Back in september i made a pair of dungarees/overalls for my friend's one year old's birthday. Recently she sent me these photos! and they fit now! so cute!