Thursday, September 27, 2012


Sorry that i've been so quiet over here lately. I haven't worked on any of my sewing projects in a whole week! ugh. but at least i have sewing class tonight. at least i have that time carved out for it. It's been super stressful around here at the office. and on top of that we're having an oktoberfest party at our house this weekend and i've been trying to clean like a crazy person. my husband's parents have always thrown an oktoberfest party in the past, but they've just moved and don't have the space right now, so we're hosting. we're both maybe an eighth german. (and also irish, scottish, french, japanese…) but any excuse for drinks and food, i guess? except that i want the house to look nice when people are over. and my little garden was looking nice at the beginning of the summer, but then with all of the heat and then we had a few weeks of massive downpours, and then more dry heat. the flowers can't take it. so i ran out and bought more flowers and tried to spruce things up, filling in all of the empty spots. and then i was running around trying to hang photos on the walls, which we've been meaning to hang up for ages. Anyone else have a horrible time trying to decide where photos and art should go on the walls? do you stress about getting your house all nice looking before having people over? your house is probably spick and span at all times, right.

here's a testament to how busy i've been: i still have not watched last week's episode of project runway. and now there will be a new one tonight. I'm falling behind!

and another thing: I was compiling a little list of possible bridesmaid's dress patterns and getting very excited about it… my brother's getting married in march next year… yes it's a little ways away, but i wanted to make a muslin and get it perfect… well his fiance (who i like a lot) had given us free reign: "any green dress." so i was super pumped because i was going to make my own and it was going to be fabulous. welllll. now we have new instructions that it needs to be a green dress from dessy/alfred sung. 2 girls in ivy green and 2 girls in pine green. so i'll be buying my dress instead of making something. i was a bit bummed. my husband says i can still make a dress to wear to the rehearsal dinner, another dress for the picnic and another for the brunch. (when did weddings get so involved with so many events!!) fine. i'll make a fabulous rehearsal dinner dress. but i'm not as excited about it. ah well.

i always like to include photos, so here are some from 2 & 1/2 weeks ago. i know, i'm behind!! i took a little class where we made simple zippered bags. not super advanced, but any excuse to meet up with other girls with a shared love of sewing.

i heart geometric prints

fun inside!

hope you're doing well, and i will live vicariously through your sewing adventures for the time being!


  1. Sorry you don't get to make your bridesmaid dress after all! I'm guessing it's probably something you would have gotten a lot more use out of... I'm planning my wedding, and am struggling with what to do about bridesmaid dresses because I don't want to make my girls shell out a bunch of money for some lame dress they'll never wear again. :\ (Also, I can understand a rehearsal dinner, but a picnic AND a brunch too? Is that on top of the reception? That does sound complicated!)

    1. I had my girls buy their dresses from ann taylor loft ( They were black strapless cocktail dresses and they were on sale for around $60!! They're also good quality. The dresses had boning for support, and pockets, which the girls loved. Check their site often because the selection changes frequently. They may still have some summery dresses left but they'll start getting more summery dresses next Feb & March. And shipping is super fast, took 3-5 days, compared to bridal designers like dessy where you have to order 4 months in advance. My girls ordered their dresses at the end of Feb for my wedding in early April. They looked really elegant and with the price, it was perfect! Hope you find something you love!

  2. Those little bags are adorable! I hope you enjoy making a fabulous rehearsal dress. We didn't have any of those things back when we got married either, not even a rehearsal dinner.... people just got married!

    1. As it should be! Getting married now is such a huge ordeal that it gets pretty stressful and expensive, instead of just being a joyous occasion! Before the wedding, my husband started referring to it as "the show." haha, as in, "what else needs to get done for the show?" "only 1 month left til the show!" =)

  3. "your house is probably spick and span at all times, right."

    hahahahaha. No. You're not alone.

    Cute makeup pouch!

  4. should i add that i never dust. who has time to dust? you should've seen the layer of dust on the base of one of my lamps, yikes!


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