Tuesday, September 18, 2012

oh fabulous day! more lovelies!

Driving home last night it was pouring rain and then just before i got to my house there was the most glorious rainbow. (seriously i've never seen one that vivid.) what a nice way to end such a ho-hum monday.  (i was driving, so no, there is no awesome rainbow photo.) then i decided to check my mail, and my mailbox was jam packed full of goodies!

Burda magazine and an adorable postcard from the sweet dottiedoodle! i felt kinda important getting a package that says Royal Mail on it, he he. Let me show you the dresses that i think would work for me…

I think this could be great for fall. easy to pull on and wear to work. maybe with some tights? I love the deep curved darts. I'm thinking it could work in a heavy knit.

i'm not big on shrugs, but i like the shape of this dress with the side panels. so that could be a fun one. speaking of fun, i can imagine the fun the pattern designers had putting the burda patterns all together. i mean really…

that's a lotta lines. but it looks kinda cool, kinda artsy. as long as i don't get confused and end up sewing the back of a pants leg pattern to the front of a dress bodice. "why is this not fitting right!!!!" …that's something i'd do. 

Then i also opened this awesome fabric score from Shanni!

How did she know i love koalas! (one of my first stuffed animals was a koala named "koala". i know, so creative, right). i'm envisioning some kind of cool dress with the green print. not sure what pattern yet. and the black/grey knit that looks like lace was a surprise! yay! if i can find some solid black knit about the same weight, i think it would be fun to use the lace pattern fabric as the bodice of a dress and solid black for the skirt. ohhh i could do that last burda dress and use the lace pattern fabric for the side panels. or i could do the first burda dress with the 3/4 sleeves and do just the sleeves and the yoke in the lace pattern and a solid black for the rest. ideas, ideas!

And the other package i received in the mail contained the most adorable ham, compliments of Jenny!

my iron is in love! the fabric she used is so fun, i'm actually looking forward to ironing the shoulder seams on my next project! yay! =)

Thank you everyone for the wonderful swapping goodies! If you'd like to join in the fun, please check out my Patterns and Postcards Swap posts. Here's the most up-to-date list of swappers.


  1. I'm glad you like it :) That fabric is too cute! And a Burda mag ~ have fun with your new stuff!

  2. Loving your ideas for the black lacy fabric! Got your patterns and I'll be sewing them up soon!!

  3. Some really gorgeous fabrics there! and I'm a real sucker for a good Burdastyle magazine. Don't worry, tracing the patterns isn't as tricky as it first appears :)

    1. I'll have to make that a weekend project! It looks complicated, but i guess it's color coded?

  4. Wow! What fabulous goodies. I'd like to get a box out to you too! Can you email me with your contact info? I've tried emailing a couple of times. Love that green fabric. g

  5. So glad it arrived safely! I think the cover pattern would lovely on you too.

    1. yes, and i love the cover pattern in lace! i don't know if i can tackle sewing with lace yet! but maybe if you line it and treat the lace and the lining as one fabric… that might not be too difficult?


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