Wednesday, July 18, 2012

official first post, ha

So the first post was supposed to be about the books I've been reading to get started sewing. That's right I planned out the first post, but I got a little off track. Ok so i finally visited our county library and got a library card. why did this take me so long? it's free, it's pretty convenient, they have a million books on a million topics and they are very easy going on their check-out policies. the sweet ladies at the desk said i could check out as many books as i wanted, which to me meant as many as i could carry, which turned out to be 4. i'm not very strong evidently. and you can have them for about a month and then just go online and renew them for another month (which i just did). I think they only let you renew twice before you have to go back and return them and get new ones? doesn't matter, your library probably has different policies. but, YAY for public libraries! that's right, Libraries, you just got some free advertisement. i'm pro libraries and pro bloglovin. i'm also pro these 4 books:

Sewing Techniques & Patterns by Marie-Noëlle Bayard
SewBasic from the Editors of Threads Magazine
Sewing Basics by Wendy Gardiner
The Dressmaker's Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques by Lynda Maynard

I'm also pro because adding photos was a snap. Can you read the titles and authors from those photos? Maybe i should caption them. done. you're wondering what i'm doing reading that last book as a beginner, but it had great photos and there is actually a ton of good info in there. so those were my picks. not saying you have to go out and buy those, but if they're at your local library, they're a good pick. Any must-have books on your list?


  1. Hiya and great you've started a blog. Yes the captions/titles/whatever-they're-called are find and the whole thing looks good.

    I hail from NZ - how nice to read my home country in your post. Happy reading and sewing.

  2. Thanks, Emily! I'd love to visit NZ someday!


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