Wednesday, July 18, 2012

here goes…

So here goes, first post. I was searching online for some tutorials on finishing seams and found a few sewing blogs. And then a million blogs later, I realized there is quite an online sewing community. It was neat to see what people were sewing in…London…New Zealand… So many blogs. I happened upon the bloglovin website. I don't think I would've kept up with so many blogs otherwise. You enter what blogs you want to follow in the site and then the site keeps track and shows on one page when each blog has a new post. Yay, I can clear out all of those bookmarks and it saves time. So there ya go, Bloglovin, I just gave you some free advertisement.

Anyway, so I decided to start my own blog. I've blogged before in the past, somewhere in cyberspace there is a german blog i had to do in college. It's all auf deutsch. If I ever found it now I wonder if I'd understand half of what i wrote. With this blog I hope it doesn't become abandoned and lost in cyberspace. But no promises. I want to keep track of my sewing progress and hopefully gain some insights and advice from fellow bloggers along the way.

I'm going to try to just type and not go back and re-read and edit. That's difficult for me. I'm a little OCD. Ok so I may try to fix typos, but no restructuring paragraphs allowed. this is not an english paper. thank goodness. and thanks for reading. 

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