Thursday, January 3, 2013

ich liebe dich!

i'm blushing! thank you sabs for the Liebster Blog Award! Sabs blogs at Tybalt: King of Cats and we found out that we share a few things in common, including getting married in 2012, getting a sewing machine as a gift after our weddings and our new found love of sewing!
i'm going to just copy her here:

"The award was set up way back when and has undergone a few changes from what I can see from my research. Its purpose is to bring blogs that have less than 200 followers into the limelight and increase their readership. It has definitely morphed since it first started (as has the logo in fact!) and the most current rules are:
  • Post 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer 11 questions that your nominator (is that a word or have I just made it up?) asked you
  • Nominate up to 5 other blogs for the award and ask them 11 questions of your own"

and yes, nominator is a word! i looked it up because i'm nerdy like that…


so, without further ado, 11 random facts about me (this is going to be super tough to decide what to write):

1. i began sewing last year and it's starting to take over all of my free time, but i love it
2. i have always lived in the same state in the US
3. i used to have a pet rabbit named oreo. she was black and white and adorable
4. my favorite ice cream flavor is lemon custard from baskin robbins (they only have it in the summer and yes it sounds weird, but it's amazing)
5. i work as a graphic designer 10am-6pm M-F
6. i have never been to the west coast, but i've been to europe
7. i love tomatoes but hate mushrooms
8. i have never broken any bones and i have never had any cavities
9. i graduated from an honors college summa cum laude 
10. i have a very hard time thinking of random facts about myself (this is taking forever)
11. i took german in high school and college, but now it's fading due to lack of use


and my answers to the 11 questions from my nominator:

1. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? being a bird would be interesting because of the flying, of course. but i'm not down with eating worms, and seeds would get boring. maybe i could be a dog for a wealthy family that feeds me human food. i wouldn't want to be any animal that has predators, that's just too much stress - worrying about something else eating me, geezzzz

2. What colour are your eyes? blue

3. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up and have you become that? i wanted to become a cake decorator when i was in elementary school. it combined 2 things i liked: art and cake, so what's not to like? i had seen a news clip about an old man who was a cake decorator and he said he never worked a day in his life because his work was his passion, so it never felt like work at all. that's what i wanted. i am not a cake decorator. sadly.

4. What was your favourite childhood toy? when i was little i had a stuffed bunny rabbit named bun-bun and i used to hand sew her little outfits including felt shoes and hats

5. Dresses or trousers? i would love to say dresses, but i end up wearing pants more often

6. How many hours a day or week do you spend looking at other peoples' blogs? my blog list on is out of control. i try to keep up and i love seeing what other people are sewing (i only follow sewing-related blogs), so i'll read blogs during commercials if i'm watching something on tv or during breaks at the office or right before bed

7. If you could timetravel back to the past and change one thing, what would it be? i'd start sewing sooner! think how amazing i could be by now if i had started 10 years ago!

8. What have you always wanted to do but were too afraid to try? any drastic career change or move somewhere far away

9. What crafting experience (ie something you've made) are you most proud of? hmm, i really loved that first baby bib/apron i made because it looks store bought (i think) and i'm proud i conquered the cuffs and buttons on my last alma blouse, and it had all french seams, which i love

10. Which day of the week do you hate the most? monday

11. Daddy or chips? i think i don't get this one because i'm not from the UK. my favorite type of chips are kettle cooked chips, the ones from lays or from krunchers


and my 11 questions for the new blogs that i'm nominating (this is a lot to write!):
1. what's your day job when you're not sewing?
2. what's your birthday (you don't have to include the year if you don't want to)?
3. what's your favorite fabric to sew with?
4. what's the best sewing tip that you could give me?
5. what's your favorite notion?
6. what's your favorite project you've sewn (and include a link if you posted about it)?
7. what's a pet peeve of yours?
8. what are your favorite tv shows or movies?
9. what's your favorite type of music (name specific bands if you'd like)?
10. why did you decide to start blogging?
11. why did you decide to start sewing?


and, i would like to pass this Liebster Award on to the following 5 blogs:

ich lese gern so viel blogs! nur fünf ist wirklich nicht genug. ich liebe dich! (i apologize if my german spelling/grammar is poor. it's been awhile.) check out those 5 blogs if you don't already follow them! and let me know in the comments if there are other blogs you love reading that i should be reading! thank you Sabs for the award!


  1. Thanks for sharing a little about yourself! Off to check out those 5 new blogs...

    1. Thanks for reading Judith! I'm following you now =)

  2. I am sooooo flattered that you nominated me, despite the fact I haven't posted anything sewing related in a few months! It makes me want to sew something or post about something I've made (hmm, I could tap the memory banks)! I do have an embroidery post, and a knitting post coming up though, so that's pretty close :)

    You totally made my day, thank you!

    1. well you best post something sewing related STAT or otherwise i'll un-follow you!
      (i'm kidding) =)

  3. Thanks for nominating me! lol I'll start on my answer after dinner :)

    1. Awesome! I look forward to reading everyone's answers to the questions :)

  4. Awww thanks! Looking forward to checking out the other blogs you posted!

    1. you're welcome! it's always fun to see your projects!

  5. Congrats! And now I want to try lemon custard ice cream. Sounds perfect for summer.

    1. it's sooooo good. thinking about it makes me really want some right now. do you have a favorite?

  6. Cake decorator - so cute! You know it's never too late to change your career - and that way you would get to tackle your fear too!

    I knew the chips question would confuse everyone (even some of the UK blogs I nominated!) and wish I had pur a different question. Oh well, never mind! Chips are what you would call fries (what you call chips, we call crisps)!

    1. oh i like fries (chips) too! i thought about taking a cake decorating class for fun, but i'm actually not that great at baking, ha ha! well i've really never tried making cakes. maybe i could just start with cupcakes. or have someone else do the baking part! cake decorating became trendy recently with 2 tv shows "ace of cakes" and "cake boss" and now i think there's a show called "cupcake wars" ha ha. so i don't think there are many jobs available since it became so popular recently.

  7. That's such a cool award! What a great idea.

    1. Thanks! It sure made me feel special and it's always good to hear that there a real people actually reading my ramblings =)

  8. Hey! I posted my responses if you'd like to see and I nominated some other blogs :)

    1. Awesome! I'm checking out the blogs you nominated

  9. Wow!! Thanks!!!! This is so nice of you!
    I'll be sure to reply to your questions and post this week!
    Thanks so much!!

  10. AHHH I seem to have issues with posting a reply, I hope this won't be a duplicate post!
    Thank you so much for nominating me!! I'm so touched!
    I'll be sure to answer your questions as soon as I can!

    1. You're welcome! (It probably didn't show up because i have the filter turned on where i have to approve comments before they post - that way i can delete all of the crazy spam comments before they're posted.) Can't wait to read what you write!

    2. Okay! Here goes nothing!
      I posted my answers!
      Thanks again!!

  11. Thanks again for the "award." I've passed on the love!


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