Thursday, September 5, 2013

Little Dress Kits - Adorable Car Dungarees

i don't have any small children or babies of my own, but plenty of pregnant or new-mom friends, so i was super excited to win a giveaway on Stitch and Witter's blog! plus who doesn't love sewing baby clothes - they are so small and cute! and eat up much less fabric.

the giveaway was for a sewing kit by Little Dress Kits - check them out they are super adorable! and look they have an Elephant Print Dress coming soon! swoon. i got the Car Dungarees Kit for ages 6 to 12 mos, so cute. my friend's baby boy is turning one and having a party on Friday, so i thought these would be perfect. she said "no gifts" but who follows that? i couldn't resist. also i checked with the aunt, who says the baby boy is on the small side, so i think they should fit.

but to be safe i decided to do a 3/8 seam allowance instead of the standard 5/8, to give it a tiny bit more "growing into" room. what i didn't consider is that the front and back pieces have a center seam, but the lining is one piece, so if you don't do a 5/8th seam allowance and you don't adjust the size of your lining, then the lining and the outside fabric will not line up. oops. that's what i get for not following the rules.

so i went back and fixed it and all was well in the end. anyway the kit includes all the fabric you need, matching thread, buttons, a label, pattern pieces and an instruction booklet. and the pattern pieces are peel and stick! how cool is that? i'm now wishing all of my patterns came as peel and stick. no pins needed! the instruction booklet was very clear, and i had no problems, other than my seam allowance goof up and the fact that i was doing speedy sewing around the first shoulder strap and couldn't navigate the curve. did that one like five times. learned my lesson and slowed down and the other straps were fine. the fabric is a navy corduroy with blue gingham for the lining, and little red buttons, plus a tiny car button for the pocket. so cute! thank you again Little Dress Kits!


  1. This turned out so sweet -- I love the little car button!

  2. thanks! the little car button is detail that's included with the "Little Dress Kit", it's so cute! and they have a girl's version with little heart shaped buttons =)

  3. Turned out great! Did you give it to him yet??

    1. thanks! yes I did, the party was Friday and the mom thought they were very cute and couldn't believe they were handmade, yay! they actually look like he'll need to grow into them, which is great since babies grow so fast. (he's small for 1) mom said she'd send me a pic of him wearing them :)


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