Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Patterns and Postcards Swap

The Perfect Nose is hosting a swap and i have a bunch of patterns that need to find new homes. Read more about the pattern swap and how it works here. And there's more info here and here.

So, let me know which patterns you're interested in and what you want to swap me for them. Make me an offer, any offer! 

I'm looking for patterns of cute dresses (with a defined waist and around knee length) because I'm planning to make a bridesmaid's dress in the coming months (it will be emerald green). I'm a 34/35 in the bust (that would be TMI if this wasn't a blog about sewing) and i'm not a pro at grading patterns up or down, so i'm looking for my size. Also patterns for cute or interesting tops would be fun. I haven't ventured into pants or shorts, but maybe? I would love to swap several patterns for a Magazine or Book. Also this is straying from the original guidelines, but I would love to swap you several patterns for 1 or 2 Yards of Fabric. My fabric stash is sad. Or some other fun notions. Make an offer!

Just comment below to tell me what you like and what you're offering to swap (with a link to a photo or your blog post hopefully.) Then I'll check out your swap offerings and let you know if we're good to go. Then we can exchange mailing addresses via email and your package will be on its way, along with some funky postcards or cards to try and keep with the original swap theme.

I think i'm listing 58 patterns of various sizes. I think most of these are complete and uncut, but i haven't opened them all, so i can't be 100% sure. I may split them into multiple posts and I will mark through the ones that are taken. I've numbered them, so let me know the number so I can find the one you want quicker. Here goes!!!

1. Simplicity 5185 (for knits)

2. McCalls 6019  (for knits)

3. Simplicity 8986 swapped with Nothy Lane

4. Simplicity 8341

5. Butterick 5357 swapped with Nothy Lane

6. Simplicity 5016 swapped with dottiedoodle

7. Simplicity 7223

8. Simplicity 5059

9. Simplicity 4228

10. Butterick 3385 swapped with dottiedoodle

11. Simplicity 4226 swapped with Jenny

12. Vogue 8375

13. Vogue 8375 (I have 2 copies of this pattern!)

14. Simplicity 9167

15. Butterick 3953

16. Butterick 3338

17. See&Sew 4427 swapped with Nothy Lane

18. Butterick 3526 swapped with Nothy Lane

19. Simplicity 1238  swapped with thepetitesewist

20. McCalls 4781

More Patterns continued on Next Post…

Okay, that's the first set! I'll put the next ones on the next post and then the remaining ones on the following posts. Also contact me if you have questions about the sizing of any of these and I will check and send that to you individually. Thanks!!


  1. I will go through my stash tonight and see if I have anything you might like (fabric and pattern). You've got a lot of patterns I like!!

  2. Sounds good, just let me know! I'll be posting more patterns later.

  3. Okay, I put more patterns on my blog and I'll post more again on Sunday...here are the other ones I would like of yours: simplicity 3773, simplicity 8986, butterick 5357 and see and sew 4427...

    1. Got it! Haven't had a chance to update the posts, but I've pulled those 4 plus the previous 2 aside for you. I'll check yours again later to see what else you post :)

    2. Okay I pulled the two from my list for you and I posted two more lists...so please check them out...

    3. Nice, I've just commented back to you with the others I like!

  4. P.S. - I'd totally be willing to make you a big one for some patterns. Just let me know through email. -Stephanie


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