Thursday, September 6, 2012

Patterns and Postcards Swap, Page 4

(See previous posts for details)

51. McCall's 7465  swapped with Jenny

52. Simplicity 5800

53. Butterick 3358

54. Simplicity 6812

55. McCall's 3742  swapped with Shanni

56. Simplicity 5571

57. Simplicity 6554  swapped with Jenny

58. Butterick 4517


Thats' right, i saved the best for last! Actually if i changed it to a cap sleeve, removed the back bow, and made in knee length it might be a cute dress? hmmmm, it's tempting. Well, let me know what you're interested in. (Please include the number 1 - 58 that i've typed in front of the pattern name and number, so i can find what you want quicker!) Then let me know what you're offering to swap - other patterns, magazines, books, fabric, buttons, thread, any kind of sewing notion - you name it! make an offer! happy swapping!


  1. omg more cute patterns!! Promise to go through my stuff tonight and send you some pics!

  2. I think someone should definitely go for Simplicity 5800 - I've made it with a jersey bedsheet and it's so comfy!

    1. Did you just make the top or the pants? And did you post a photo, I'd love to see!

  3. Ok finally I was able to go through my patterns and fabric and was forced to realize what a sad, sad collection I have. I really need to build my stash. Here's the patterns I'm interested in...47. S7586, 41. S9649 and 55. M3742

    Here's what I have to offer...

    If you like any of the patterns I'm willing to swap pattern for pattern or if you like the fabric I'd swap for a couple patterns. Just let me know. Thanks!!

    1. I'll swap you for the fabric! I haven't updated the post yet but I've set those 3 aside for you. Let me know if there are any others you'd like, take as many as you want to make for an even swap. And then email me your address

  4. Email me at thepetitesewist(AT)gmail(DOT)com and I will send you the sewing word art file approx. 2300x1800. If that's not big enough, let me know and I can send you the info to make your own on the website, but bigger. I have the text file and the sewing machine image. Just let me know ;)


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