Monday, August 13, 2012

my sofa ate my ipod and other short stories

i got absolutely no sewing done this weekend. i had big plans to sew, but it didn't happen. well i did sew a bead back onto a sweater that had been falling off, and i sewed the front of a faux wrap dress together so that i don't have to worry about it coming open. i was resorting to safety pinning it closed from the back, which was fine, but not the most glamorous solution.

Saturday was a friend's 30th birthday party and sunday another friend proposed to his girlfriend and we celebrated. And i had time in between, but instead i… watched olympics, read, cleaned, took a nap, watched other tv shows and was generally lazy.

oh and i spent a large chunk of time tearing apart my sofa in search of my ipod, which i think fell into the cracks and disappeared. i had been using it a lot to listen to pandora (oh how i love pandora) and it's very handy to read email and blog updates on. i left it on the arm of the sofa. and now it is no more. it's not like i paid for this ipod, it was a cast-off from my father-in-law when he got his new ipad and gave me his never-used ipod touch. (I couldn't convince him to keep the ipod and give me the ipad.) and i already had an ipod, but not as fancy (i fill it with upbeat music to work out to - which i need to do more of) anyway, so it's not like i paid for this ipod, but i would still like to find it. my less fancy ipod does not have pandora or internet. i went as far as turning the sofa on its side and cutting open the fabric on the bottom and digging around with a flashlight. no luck. i'll probably try again later. actually i'll probably find it somewhere else completely. but i swear it was on the sofa. (don't leave your ipod on the sofa.) (also don't leave your phone on the edge of the bathtub, if it's set on vibrate and someone sends you a text, it WILL fall into the tub, and then it won't work - trust me, i know.) i also thought i could sell the sofa and on the craigslist post i could title it "red sofa - may contain ipod inside!" my husband offered to take a hammer to the sofa and find it, but i think he just wants an excuse to smash things. and then we'd have to buy a new sofa (which cost MORE than the stupid ipod.)

i stole this photo from here
well that's a photo of an iphone, which it is not, but you get the point. it's sad, lonely and lost. actually it probably ran away on purpose.

so i'm hoping that i can hem my dress tonight so that i can wear it tomorrow. it also needs a hook and eye, but i don't want to go to the store tonight, so i may steal one from some other piece of clothing that i don't wear much. oh and i forgot to mention that my car did NOT want to start this morning. i think i may need a new battery. so fingers crossed that it starts so that i can go home; otherwise i'll have to get it jumped. fun times. fun times. sometimes i really wish i lived in a city that had a subway system. (UPDATE: My car started fine and I made it home! And my sweet husband drove down to my office with jumper cables before i got off work, just in case!)

sorry this post was not really as sewing focused! were you productive over the weekend?


  1. These kinds of weekends happen, especially in the summer! I find it's best just to not feel guilty about it...

    I'm right there with you, I can't find my headphones. But I'm gonna go search my couch now :) Best of luck to you and your poor, lost iPod!

    1. Good luck finding your headphones! And you had really cute red ones if I remember from your photos!

      Still no luck with my ipod =( I'll look again over the weekend

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