Thursday, August 16, 2012

alma muslin maybe?

I ordered my Alma pattern yesterday! I checked the store that carries Sewaholic patterns near me twice and they weren't getting it in, so i just went ahead and ordered it online. And you're thinking, "but you need to finish those other WIPs first!" But I'm like a small child - "No, I wanna start something new!!" Kinda like - you can't eat desert till you finish your dinner. That's how it feels.  

And I want to go buy new fabric. and you're thinking "no, you need to use up the fabric you aready have." "I don't wannaaaaaaa." We'll just have to wait and see who wins this battle.

maybe a compromise? i'll make a muslin (hopefully wearable) of the alma with some fabric i already have?? how about that? sounds good. so here's some cheap-o fabric in my (tiny) stash.

blinded by the light, swept up like…lala la lalalalalalala
i was drawn to the pattern of the leaves in this, but now i kinda think it would've made a better pillow instead of clothing. it's a light/medium weight cotton. and i don't really want to make a pillow, plus it would NOT match my ipod-eating sofa. (i kinda want to write a post where every word is linked to something, just for the hellavit. maybe i will.) um, what was i talking about? distracted much? oh yeah, so i had originally planned to make this dress out of that fabric…

the business-chic clique
but, wait! she's wearing a belt! and i want to make my next dress one that has a defined waistband without needing a belt. but i do like the front darts/seams and the pockets. but those details would get lost in the print anyway! so an alma muslin it is! 

now i'm going to go stalk my mailbox for the next few days! what? you think i should just keep working on those WIPs, ugh.  (should is be WsIP?) anyway, happy sewing (or happy mailbox stalking!)


  1. I love the fabric. I bet it will look really good as one of the Alma blouses...

    1. Maybe the short sleeve or the 3 quarter sleeve version? I like the long sleeve version, but think maybe this fabric is a bit heavy for long sleeves?

  2. bahahaha I thought the same thing when I seen that Joann's has Simplicity patterns 5 for $5 today and tomorrow. As I'm writing down my list of wants the whole time I'm thinking, " you don't need anymore patterns, you need to make the ones you already own!!" But I don't wanna, I want more!

    1. I guess it's a good thing there's no Joann's near me because I'd be all over that!!! Oh but i bet i could just order online… Bad idea? What's on your list of wants?

  3. I have a hard time with long term projects. I just want the new stuff! But usually the desire to wear something forces me to keep at it.
    It shouldn't take long to get the Alma... Mind you, I live a single province away from Sewaholic.

    1. I know! I get so excited about planning new projects that I forget about what I'm already working on, ha ha!

      I would love to visit Canada - I've never been! Actually I've never been to the west coast of the US either, ha! But somehow i did make it to Europe several years back.

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