Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sewing Scrub Caps for Children's Hospital

A little while back someone reached out on facebook looking for volunteers to sew scrub caps for a local children's hospital. It sounded like a really good cause, so I was happy to help. I don't have an unlimited amount of free time to sew, and I usually stick to sewing projects for myself. Well, occasionally I'll fix my friends torn jeans, hems, etc. for a barter of baked goods (I'm easilly swayed by cupcakes and brownies). Last year I hemmed some school uniform pants for children that are staying at a local shelter and don't have the funds to make sure their pants fit them properly. Doing small things like that really do make you feel good, and something small that you do can actually be really huge for the recipient. It also makes you think about how fortunate you really are. So I had been thinking about what else I could do, and sewing these scrub caps just popped up.

I made 13 total, and hope to make more if there remains a need. I used some cotton that was gifted to me in a swap. It's a fun green swirly print, but I've learned that I don't really wear clothing made of quilting weight cotton, so it was better to put the fabric to use for a good cause. These caps went to the MUSC Children's Hospital. There's more info about volunteering projects through this link. Here's the pattern they provide for the scrub caps. There's also a pattern and instructions for blank therapy dolls. There are also opportunities to make pillowcases, as well as knitting and crochet projects. (And by the way, I just took up crochet! Well I'm attempting to teach myself. More on that to come.) I'm sure there are children's hospitals all over that would love to receive donations of sewn/knitted creations if anyone else is looking to contribute. A little selfless sewing is good for ya! ;)

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