Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Burlap Bunting Banner

A friend of mine had a bridal shower recently, so to help with the decor, I sewed a bunting banner. I used burlap fabric (found at Hancock's Fabrics) to go with her rustic theme, and mint ribbon to go with her color scheme. It was a fun project, different from the usual things I make, but it did take longer than expected to make (perfectionist here).

I cut out large diamond shapes out of the burlap, butting them next to each other so that no fabric was wasted when cutting. When the diamond shape is folded in half over the ribbon, it makes the triangle shape. Before folding them, I used a plastic letter stencil (from Michael's) and white fabric paint to paint the letters (did the heart shape freehand).

These Wonder Clips I got for Christmas were super handy - much easier than pinning! You can kind of see in the photo below how the diamond shape is folded in half over the ribbon to make the triangles. You could also just do triangle shapes and just sew the tops to the ribbon, but by doing the diamond shape, you get a doubled up triangle and it just looked better to me for this.

Then I just sewed all the way around the 3 sides of all of the triangles. I kept double-checking that I was sewing the letters on in the correct order, beacause it would be just my luck to finish putting it together and have it be misspelled. I was thinking about writing this post as a tutorial, but it wasn't that complicated. I just figured out what I was going to do as I went along and it worked out well, having never made a banner before. But it turned out cute, and I think the bride might even use the banner as a part of her actual wedding decor.


  1. not sure how the comments work on an older post, i commented on your "a sad lonely little shoe " i would love the pattern, do you have a pattern for those shoes, they are so cute!!!!
    love your blog,

    1. Hi Eva! Here's the link for the pattern or search "free baby shoe pattern Michael miller" in google and you should find it! Hope it works for you! If you search "free baby shoe pattern" in pinterest I've found more patterns, so I should really try another!


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