Thursday, January 9, 2014

i caved in to pinterest

i had been holding out so well for so long. but i'm sad to say, i finally caved in and joined pinterest.

i was so resistant because i didn't want something else sucking up my time. i hear how easy it can be to get lost in pinning things to pinterest boards and then hours pass by and you're still pinning things, and then you never actually get around to doing any of the adorable clever crafty projects you pin. i already have a limited amount of free time, so i really have to prioritize. i never joined twitter, barely use facebook, and my instagram (which is also fairly new) is mostly just pictures of my dog (love her! she's just so cute!).

but i came across a very useful way to use pinterest: to store and organize all of your bookmarks in a clean, visual way. awesome idea! my bookmark list in firefox was a mile long. so i started a pinterest account and moved all of my bookmarks onto pinterest boards. i made 4 boards: "sewing tips," "free sewing patterns," "free sewing patterns - baby gifts," and "sewing inspiration" (haven't pinned anything to that last one just yet). it's great! i can see everything and it's organized! i tried to keep it to tips and patterns i will actually use and not let it get too crazy.

are you already using pinterest to organize your bookmarks? and do you have any sewing related pinterest boards? let me know so i can check yours out!

here's a link to my page and you can also find it under the "free patterns and sewing tips i like" tab up at the top of my blog page. i moved all of those tips onto pinterest too! woohoo! anybody else get excited as me about getting things organized, ha ha!

and i'll leave you with an adorable instagram shot of our dog:


  1. I use PInterest for work. I look for lesson plan ideas. But I try to stay away from pinning sewing inspiration and such. Just a time issue- not enough! What I really wanted to comment on was your dog, however. Holy cow, she is cute! :)

  2. For me Pinterest is really just an easy way to manage bookmarks, except when I am sick, then they are a source of entertainment. 8-D But yeah it can be a major time suck. Although the fascination does fade with time.

  3. Love your dog! So cute! I use Pinterest to keep track of the things I want to sew and to keep track of the things I have already sewn. I don't really search for things to sew, but I just use it to add patterns I have or things I'd like to make as I think of them. It's probably related to my ADHD, but Pinterest doesn't really hold my attention (I get bored really quickly), so it isn't really a timesuck for me but more of an organization tool.

  4. I followed you! You can totally get sucked in, but there are some amazing tips and inspirations :) I love having my bookmarks visual - it just makes more sense to me. Have fun pinning!


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