Wednesday, November 7, 2012

alma almost done

Thank you for all of the input on my button choice! I ended up going with…

the button that was 2nd from the left! The next runner up was the small white button on the far right. What do you think? Does it look ok? I was still thinking maybe it's a little big, but i liked the metal look. Anyway there's no going back now. plus i didn't want to go to the store looking for another button. 

I think it looks pretty good, but then my husband pointed out, "why are there only buttons on the cuffs and not on the front of the shirt?"  

"um, because that's how the pattern was."

well and this was my first attempt at buttons, so start small, right? he also stands by the notion that soon i won't need patterns. after all, they don't use patterns on project runway. 

hehehe. i think i still need to start from a pattern, geez i only started really sewing this year. i'm not about to just start draping and pinning and cutting with no plan, and my dress form (that i still have not gotten rid of - laziness on my part) is not my size at all.

anyway. check out my french seams…

oh la la! magnifique! (i don't know any french) i took some photos on sunday before i finished the hem on the bottm, so you can see that edge is still raw. but i've since finished the hem. i actually went outside to try taking photos! aren't you proud! in this one it looks like the shirt is floating.

the hanger was clear. but it looks kinda creepy? ghost shirt? a little late for halloween. here's one hanging on the gate next to our garage.

do you have any good spots to take photos? i'm having a hard time finding good spots nearby - where no one can see what i'm doing. the neighbors don't need to see me taking a million photos of a shirt. 

tonight i might try to whip up the belt and wear the shirt tomorrow! i think it might need the belt? yes ? no?

and then it's on to the next project!!! so i was thinking of seeing if the knit fabric i cut to make a dress back in July can be salvaged into making a 3/4 sleeve tee. here's the post about it. i never finished it because the top was too big and there was a lot of swayback fabric pooling. and now i don't want a sleeveless knit dress. i was thinking about tracing the  shape of a shirt that fits well and seeing if i can recreate it. as long as i have enough of this fabric. i hate having WIPs laying around and i'd like to salvage the fabric…

i also want to take a time out and start making a few christmas presents for a couple girl friends. clutch purses maybe? or makeup bags? I just checked out 5 books from the library that have handbag projects. (one of the books was published in 2012 and includes pull out patterns - our library is awesome!) i also like the simple party clutch on Sew, Mama, Sew! does it need the strap? what do you think? do you have a favorite pattern for a small purse or clutch??


  1. Check those fancy french seams out! Oh la la! Great work on your first button :D

  2. I've used this tutorial before for a cute clutch..

    Really easy and it's something you can make in a few hours.

    Your shirt looks great!

  3. i think it will need a belt (unless you've made it quite slim fitting). post a pic of your wearing it and let's see! i'm def going to make this version soon. once i have finished my peony. and tackled juniper. and gertie's pencil skirt and portrait blouse. umm, sometime!

    looks great! i think i'll need patterns for a while too - otherwise where to start? but am getting more confident at changing the details to get it how i want it and a bit of frankenpatterning. i think draping it a seriously big topic! you could think about doing a fitting pattern to give yourself a bodice and skirt block as i think that's a pretty good start to doing your own thing. gertie's book is pretty good on the subject of changing necklines etc.

    1. Yes, I need to make a bodice and skirt block! Have you done one?

  4. It looks soooo good! Congrats girl! I think the button choice is spot-on.

    As for photo-spot, you can probably tell from my pics, but I usually just ignore my neighbors and go out on my front patio area. Sometimes I'll wonder around to the back of my complex where there's garbage bins and a tool shed (high vogue, right)? But yeah, weird looks happen all the time. I accept it.

    1. Thanks! I feel so awkward taking photos of myself outside! Plus in the mornings i'm always rushed and after work, it's already dark outside! guess i need to do some weekend photo shoots. i did take more photos, but they're in my bathroom mirror again! haha

  5. This shirt looks great! French seams always give such a great finish to the inside of a garment. :) I also wanted to leave you a comment and let you know that I've been trying to get a hold of you about the fabric you won in my giveaway, but I haven't heard back from you, so I'm thinking you may not have received my emails. If you email me at thisdamselflies (at) gmail (dot) com, I'll get it sent out to you as soon as possible!


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