Monday, October 1, 2012


i was so exhausted on sunday that i slept in late. and then took a bubble bath. ate lunch. caught up on project runway. read. took a nap. ate dinner. went to bed. and that was about it! i was thinking it would be perfect to get in some sewing time, but i just didn't want to do anything. and it was awesome.

so the saturday party went really well. that is the most people that have ever been at my house at the same time. also that is the most people that Will Ever be at my house at the same time. thank goodness the weather was alright so most everyone stayed on the back porch and outside in the backyard. inside everyone would have been all up on everyone else. and then after everyone left it immediately started pouring down rain. i kinda stressed out for nothing. it was fine, and the house was clean enough. or at least no one said nasty things about it to my face! ha ha. 

so yeah i was all worked up about it and then a lot of work stress as well. so on thursday night i went to sewing class and that was a waste. i was so out of it. i started sewing the shoulder seams together and finished and realized the seams were on The Outside! ugh. seam ripper. then i decided to french seam them. and then i continued to attach the neck hole facing to The Incorrect Side. ugh. seam ripper again.  i wish someone had said, "put down that fabric and step away from the sewing machine!"

have you ever been so unfocused that everything you did was wrong? even though you thought you were doing it right. and it wasn't even something complicated. dur.

so now i feel like i can breathe again. and hopefully sew again. and i feel like i also need to get back to doing some yoga again. get back by zen. ohmmmmmm.



  1. nightmare! once you make one mistake like that, it's always best to step away from the machine! i normally go and sit on the sofa with my seam ripper and take out the mistake, find something to watch on tv and stay there. one mistake = lots more when you are that tired!


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