Thursday, October 18, 2012

alma one and done

if you remember back to when i posted about my first alma blouse… i thought it was finished but then it just wasn't wearable - this post from september. i had 3 options to try to make this top wearable:

A. go buy a skinny black belt that looks good with it (i tried the 2 black belts i own, no bueno). 
B. make the belt that's included in the pattern and hope for the best.
C. rip out the side seam, insert a zip, and then pinch the heck out of the back darts to remove excess fabric.

so what did i do? (and by the way thank you for all of the input, you guys are so smart!)

I did C, and then I also did B! 

I ripped out the side seam and inserted a zip. ugh. inserting it after the fact was more annoying than if i had just left it in in the first place. but it worked for the most part. not perfect, there's a little gaping toward the bottom where you can see the zipper, so it's not 100% invisible, but close. 

then i ripped out the 2 back darts and increased the width of the darts significantly. much better.

but still not quite right. so i had more fabric and i decided to whip up the belt and see if i liked it. 

i tried it on beltless and with the belt (which i topstiched all the way around even though that's not called for in the instructions) and the conclusion was… i ended up wearing it with the belt! i think it helped break up the pattern and define the waist better. and this fabric is just not drapey at all.

so i actually wore it to work! and one person (who knows that i've started sewing) asked if i made it. hopefully i will wear it again. it's not terrible. but not something i love love love.

these photos offer you another glimpse into my tiny bathroom. how exciting!

and you can check out my husband's blue toothbrush and my bottle of eyedrops that are making cameos in the bottom of this photo. Yes, i do know how to crop in photoshop. i can also clone and clipping path. and all kinds of crazy stuff. but i'm keeping it real. all i bothered to do was auto levels because the lighting was terrible.

ok, next batch of photos i will really try to take outside in daylight with my tripod and the self timer. i really promise. (confession: i actually don't really like taking photos of myself at all! and i blink all. the. time.)

so there you have it - alma number one, done. it feels so good to be actually done. and i'm so delayed in posting this that i'm well into alma the sequel! 

anyone else super slow to finish a project or do you finish something every other day? if i get one project finished each month, i'm doing well. =)


  1. It looks really good on you and I love that fabric! Yay!!

  2. Super cute adjustments! I love the new silhouette!

  3. It came out really, really nice and it looks great on you. I love it with the belt. Congrats for continuing to work on it. I'm sometimes super slow on my projects, I think it depends on what kind of fabric on working on.

    1. thanks! yes i think the belt helped. do you have a favorite fabric to work with now? knits?

  4. looks great. it would have been such a shame to lose that fabric so i'm glad you rescued it!

    1. thanks! i did like the print, but next time i'll have to not buy the cheapest fabric! i guess this was a quilting cotton maybe? not a good drape for a top!

  5. Smart save! The blouse looks great!

  6. Very very pretty!!! Great job!

  7. The blouse is lovely!! Bravo for not giving up on it!

  8. This is gorgeous! I love the fabric choice – and you know I'm a fan of the bathroom mirror self-portrait


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